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Our newest property - Pineapple Bluff

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

We have very exciting news, the team have had an offer accepted on a new property located in Exuma, Bahamas. Just a few minutes away from the amazing Palmetto Place property, this new listing was on the market for only a few days before we placed an offer.

As most of you are aware, we were not able to complete our final purchase of the intended Cayman property (Turtle Nest) due to some last minute disclosures from the vendor. This was very disappointing for us, but we have been busy on the hunt for our next property, and here it is.

Recently featured on HGTVs Bahamas Life, our new listing is a spacious 3 bedroom house, with stunning views of the surrounding trees and out to the beautiful blue waters of Exuma.

Image from the Bahamas Life HGTV show of Pineapple Bluff

There is a bit of pre-work to do before we will list this on the platform, and we will be providing more detailed investment information shortly. We were lucky to agree on a purchase price much lower than featured above, so this property should have an excellent ROI for our investors.

We will update you with more news as it comes to hand!

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