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Why Choose Partbnb?


Fractional ownership allows you to split the cost of a vacation rental property – so you can invest on your own terms.

We’ve designed Partbnb to suit the modern, flexible world of vacation rental property investment. First, our expert team does extensive research into the Caribbean markets to see which properties will get the best rental yield from short term rentals.

Once these prime properties have been identified, we then negotiate to get the best purchase price available. Then, we take care of all renovation work and prepare the property to be a stylish, luxurious short-term vacation rental. The property is advertised online and all of the details are taken care of by a vacation rental management company.

This makes Partbnb an advantageous way to invest in vacation rental homes – for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the reasons to choose Partbnb:

Lower Cost of Acquisition


When you invest in a property with Partbnb, you will only be paying a fraction of the cost of the entire property. Also, the costs of furnishing, renovating and outfitting the property will be shared amongst all the other investors.

This means that investing in vacation rental property isn’t as lofty of a dream as you might think. You’ll be able to invest in a more expensive property in a more desirable location than you would be able to buy yourself.

No Hassle of Managing Guests


One of the major hassles of owning a rental property is having to take care of the time-consuming role of managing the property. With Partbnb, the team takes care of everything. They will put the listing on Airbnb, VRBO and other vacation rental platforms. Then KeyLobby, the associated management company, will maximize the listing in every way to ensure the highest rate and occupancy.

That means that you’ll be able to enjoy the steady income of renting out your vacation home to guests, without having to put in any of the efforts. You’ll simply get your share of the profit credited to your digital wallet, so all you have to do is watch your income grow every month.

Lower Operating Costs


When you own a vacation home the traditional way, you’ll be solely responsible for ongoing operating costs, utilities, maintenance, insurance, and repairs. However, if you choose fractional ownership you won’t need to worry about these things.

They will be taken care of by the management company and you can simply enjoy owning the property without any of the hassles.

Diversify Your Investments


As we mentioned before in a previous blog, it makes a lot of sense to NOT keep all your eggs in one basket. When it comes to investing, it’s better to diversify where you put your money as much as possible. This will protect you from any big losses in any category or type of investment.

Fractional property ownership allows you to diversify and it is much more flexible than owning an entire property yourself. You can spread the risk even more, as this is an investment that has diversity within itself.



Once you create your Partbnb account, you’ll be able to access an area of the website where you can view the performance of your portfolio, buy or sell parts of the property and deposit or withdraw funds.

You will have the freedom to buy and sell your portion of the property at any time. This is a lot more flexible than the conventional buying and selling process for an entire home – which can sometimes take weeks or even months.

Desirable Destinations


Another one of the advantages of investing in Partbnb is that the homes we offer are in incredibly desirable destinations in the Caribbean. They are gorgeous travel destinations with sunny weather, idyllic beaches, unique culture, and developed infrastructure.

For example, one of our first properties is located on the sun-soaked tropical island of the Bahamas, at Palmetto Place in Exuma. It’s a sought after destination for many tourists thanks to the unique pink-sand beaches, top-notch watersports, and friendly local culture.

This means that your vacation rental property will enjoy a steady stream of visitors all throughout the year – which brings you a reliable source of income.

Freedom to Use Your Vacation Home


Another one of the advantages of investing in fractional vacation home ownership is that you’ll be able to use the home yourself for a portion of the year. When you buy a portion of the property with Partbnb, you’ll be able to book and stay at the property for a discounted rate.

This lower rate eliminates the booking fees that would be incurred on other platforms. This lower rate usually equates to around a 10% discount. Also, Partbnb owners will receive advanced booking access that will allow them to schedule their stay prior to the booking period being available to the open market.

Are you interested in fractional vacation rental ownership?


Good news! Partbnb's website is now LIVE! And soon, we will open our first property for investment. Better join our wait list to be first in line when that happens! You can also follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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