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The Safest Places to Visit During COVID Pandemic

Updated: May 9, 2022

When will this pandemic be over? - this is the biggest question for most of us, if not all. This setback has been snatching portions of our lives day by day and it’s been more than a year since it all began. Aside from the lives taken away, a lot of gatherings were also cancelled, major events postponed, and even just a simple holiday getaway - which we all deserve - compromised.

The good thing about the length of time that passed, covid vaccines have been developed and paired with strict protocols therefore many countries are now starting to get over this major hit. Whilst not all safe countries are open for tourist visits, we will give you insights about the travel destinations you can visit despite the pandemic according to CDC.

1. Cayman Islands

Known widely as the birthplace of recreational diving, Cayman Islands is one of the perfect beach escapes for those who also like to escape the risk of contracting covid. As per CDC, Cayman Islands ranks one of the lowest risk levels for visitors. With only a total of 521 cases with 2 deaths, 521 have already recovered. (source: covid worldometers) Be sure to check their travel protocols via this link. (

2. Grenada

Up to date, Grenada’s total case is 159 with 1 death and 155 recovered. With that in mind, you should be able to relax and enjoy Spice Island, nature, beaches, and foods in this country. Just be mindful of these reminders for CDC before booking your holiday.

3. Thailand

Thailand is known for great foods, many great beaches, historic temples, and not too costly vacations. This country also is known for handling the covid well enough to balance their economy amidst pandemic. To know more about their travel protocols, visit their tourist website at

4. The British Virgin Islands

Also one of the countries with the lowest covid cases, this beauty is still a safe haven for all of us.

With only 194 cases with one death and 183 recovered, you may start packing up for a trip down their dazzling beaches and perfect diving spots. Just don’t forget to check out this list for hassle-free travel

5. Fiji

Fiji has a total of 103 cases with 2 deaths and 65 recoveries. This Soft Coral Capital of the World is still one of the best places to visit for a great diving experience and fine beaches.

Check out this link for more details about the travel protocols to this place

6. St. Kitts and Nevis

As you may have noticed, most of the list comes from the Caribbean region, and St. Kitts and Nevis also made it to the safest travel destinations during covid. As of this writing, this country has not had any covid cases since March 18, 2021. With only 44 cases with no fatalities, have fun with its pristine tropical forests and perfect white sand beaches.

Know more about their travel advisory updates via this link

7. Dominica

Another Caribbean destination to make it to the list, Dominica has 173 recorded covid cases, 171 recovered, and no fatalities yet. This Nature Isle of the Caribbean is also another place to consider for your next getaway adventure.

This link should help you with their travel advisory before planning your trip.


With all the questions about “Will it is safe to travel in 2021?”, we hope you find this article helpful, especially that we’ve all been longing to chill away our stresses. And before packing up and booking that airline ticket, always take into account all the safety measures to keep you and everyone else protected from this virus.

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