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Palmetto - Renovation Almost Done

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

We are pleased to advise that the property renovation for Palmetto is very near completion, and the property manager from Key Lobby - Chris has been onsite helping with the final touches.

View of Palmetto Place (lower right)

As with any renovation there are always things which don't quite go to plan, but we had always allowed a little wiggle room in the timeframe, and budget so in the end we are 1-2 weeks behind schedule, and very close to the original budget. Much of the delay was caused by a shipment of tiles which didn't quite make it on time. Unfortunately on islands like Exuma, you are very much at the end of a supply chain, and if your shipment doesn't make it on the fortnightly boat, you have no choice but to await the next one!

Lots of you have been messaging and asking for updated photos. Here are some of the latest showing the renovation work, which is just a few days away from completion. We should have the final pictures done in the next week or two, ready to go on the listing sites!

We are now taking pre-orders for this property, so if you are interested in owning a part of this property please click below to view the details and Pre-Order 1 of the 10,000 parts from just $34.

Please reach out to the team ( with any questions about Palmetto Place.

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