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Palmetto - Renovation Done + Photos

The Palmetto, Exuma property has now had the final touches added, and is ready to go onto Airbnb, VRBO and other listing sites. The actual renovation was completed a week ago, but as with most things in the Bahamas, we had to wait a little while for the photographer to get the final photos done and through to us!

We are very pleased with the results - though there were some delays which pushed back the project slightly, the results speak for themselves, and the property should perform well as soon as it is listed on the booking sites.

OK lets check it out!

Kitchen The kitchen in the property was functional, but very out of date. Our goal was to update all appliances, cabinets and flooring.

The kitchen was functional and usable, but a little dated
Kitchen - Before Renovation

Kitchen - After Renovation

Living / Dining Area A very comfortable area with amazing views out onto the waters of Exuma. However, the ceilings were not painted well, and the floors were uneven. A complete repaint / reflooring made a vast improvement.

Living / Dining - Before Renovation

Living / Dining - After Renovation

Living / Dining - Before Renovation

Living / Dining After Renovation


Again, these were functional but felt very out of date. We removed everything, and both were completely re-tiled / fitted with new units. The glass look is much more usable and easier to keep clean in the future. We continued the same tile choices as the kitchen on the floor / walls.

Ensuite - Before Renovation

Ensuite Bathroom - After Renovation

Main Bathroom - Before Renovation

Main Bathroom - After Renovation


As the bedrooms were already in excellent condition, we decided to keep them much the same, simply replacing the flooring to match the rest of the property.

Want to stay?

This is an amazing property in a stunning location, and we expect to book out peak times quickly as soon as the booking listing goes live.

Don't forget, if you decide to purchase 1 or more parts of this property on Partbnb, you will have access to book the property at a discounted rate (normal rates less the usual booking fees) which works out to about 10% off!

But, don't wait - make sure you pre-order now - our limited time offer of a $50 investment sign up will expire on February 28th! - Click here to order

Well done to Chris from Key Lobby who pushed the local team in Exuma to get this property finished and ready for photos / listing.

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