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Our First Offer is Almost Ready

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

We are getting excited at Partbnb as we prepare to launch our first listing.

The renovations are almost complete, the legal work is almost done, and the Private Placement Memorandum is getting the final touches. We expect to release our first property for pre-order investment in just a couple of weeks (end of January 2019).

Here is a sneak preview of whats coming!

Palmetto Place - Exuma, The Bahamas (Available from 28th January 2018)

Offer Summary:

Please note - the below info is preliminary and you should refer to the detailed Private Placement Memorandum for full details

Projected Net Yield: 7.2% - 9%

Projected Capital Growth: 4.0%

Projected Nightly Rate: $230-$265

Projected Occupancy: 65%

Available for Guest Bookings: February 15th 2019

Exclusive Access Club Pre-Orders Open: January 28th 2019

General Pre-Orders Open: January 31st 2019

Funds Due: February 28th 2019

A detailed Offer Memorandum for this property will be available to view on the listing date

Images of the property

NB - Some of these images are projected (3D designs based on the original property + the proposed renovations).

If you would like to read more detail about the renovation please read the renovation blog article located here

Key Property Benefits

Stunning Location: This property is located on the beautiful island of Exuma in the Bahamas. With views of the ocean, and just minutes from beach access, and the town of George Town, this tranquil property has it all.

Growing Market: The market in the Bahamas is growing, there have been numerous developments and increases in air travel to the island.

Renovated Property - We have undertaken an extensive complete renovation of this property to ensure that it will be appealing to short term guests. The kitchen & bathrooms have been completely replaced, flooring replaced throughout, and repainting done.

Accredited Investors

The above offer will only be available for Accredited Investors. Unfortunately due to regulations we are unable to make this offer available to others yet - please read our blog entry to understand why this is currently a restriction.

Please contact our team if you have any questions, they are available on Live Chat or via email

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