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Introducing our new offer

Exciting times are ahead, as we put the finishing touches on our new offer. I wanted to give you a quick sneak peak at what we are doing. We have been overwhelmed with the support you have given us with our initial offer, and hope many of you will join us for our next chapter.

Our change to shared ownership

Previously our offers were "investor focused" with 10,000 parts per property, but we were heavily restricted to Accredited Investors. We heard this feedback, and worked to find a way to remove this restriction.

Our new offer is unrestricted, it is open to all. There are no qualifying requirements such as income / net worth checks! It is open to residents of any country.

We now offer 1/8 shares (so thats 8 parts per property), and this ownership gives you a true share in the property (the income, expenses, use, title, decisions!)

How does it work?

Here is the 2 minute explanation: Our expert property team (who love the Caribbean) tirelessly search for the most appropriate properties. When we find a gem, we list it on the "upcoming" section of our properties page. If we are able to secure this property, we will move it to the available page, and now is your chance to reserve your part of this property.

We walk you through the buying process, and within a few months you (and 7 others) are the titled owners of the home, with a detailed shared ownership agreement. Our Partbnb team will manage all aspects of the property, overseas the shared ownership, and handle the short term rental part to provide income.

As an owner, you get 45 days use of the property (via a booking calendar). If you choose not to stay, we will rent it out short term, so you can use the income to offset any expenses.

This truly is a way for you to properly own a standalone home with a fraction of the upfront costs, low (or no ongoing expenses), and benefit from increases in value as the titled owner.

Our fees are simple and transparent, and clearly spelled out - no hidden surprises (read them here)

Read the full details about how it works by clicking here

When is this all happening?

Our team are currently working on our "upcoming" properties. We expect to start showing these on the site early March 2020.

Here is a little teaser at some we are looking at (from Grand Cayman, Nassau, Eluthera, Exuma and Punta Cana)

As always, we love your feedback and any questions. You can reach out to the team on live chat, or email us (

James Punnett

Founder / CEO

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