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How to Prepare Your Airbnb Listing and Ace Bookings this Year

Travels in 2020 were greatly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 health and safety protocols must highly be given attention to when starting a business with Airbnb in 2021, as it is believed these impacts will continue as we move forward to the new year. Remote work will continue and remote schooling would still be a trend in many countries. Safety and cleanliness will of course be on the top priority list. Amid the stay-at-home and travel restrictions, Airbnb bookings were drastically reduced.

The global pandemic has shaken up a lot of industries and travel is one of the hardest hit. However, with the gradual reopening of economies in most countries, Airbnb business is slowly picking up, though there are still places that seem to recover slower than the others. Many are still putting off travel plans, but there could probably be an explosion of pent-up travel demand in 2021, which could result in big returns for Airbnb hosts.

How to ace your bookings for this year

One can avoid making a bad Airbnb booking if you know exactly what to look for and the best ways to make the most of the platform. Booking an Airbnb requires research and planning just as when booking a hotel or a vacation rental. The same rules apply before Covid-19 with Airbnb listing in 2021, here are steps to attract travelers to pick your place:

Review your competition- don’t ever think that you are the first and only option for travelers. Make a complete comprehensive analysis of your local competitors to assess their unique selling points and shortfalls you might have in comparison. This way, you could get great ideas and inspiration to shake up your listing. This would also help review your rates, whether too high or too low, and make sure to know their guests' reviews and learn from them.

Modern amenities- guests look for modern conveniences no matter what type of experience you are trying to create. Access to a Wifi, tv unit, and other offerings that could give good reviews for their stay.

Have a compelling guest guide- it is indeed a great feeling to know that someone wants to book your property, and this comes with a responsibility to provide the best experience for your guests. Having a detailed guest guide gives guests ideas about what to expect from the place, especially if they are new to the area. House rules can also be added to the guide so they can be more familiar with the host and the property.

Cleaning Schedule- safety and cleanliness will still have to be on the top priority list in 2021. This is so important to guests and one of the major criteria that guests also use in a place. Cleanliness will give a great impact on the way they will rate you.

Airbnb is such a great platform and managing your property booking is like you are running your own business. For this business to be successful in 2021, make sure to follow the steps above for a profitable year and always learn from a single review.

How does Airbnb Manage listing work?

Listing a home on Airbnb has never been easier and customizable. In just a few steps away, you can earn money and reach millions of travelers across the globe. A host can control how they want their guests' to book and when they want it. They can set their availability, this includes how much time a guest can stay, how far guests can book in the future and the need for advance notice before booking.

They can also set prices which they think are right or feel good about. This helps adjust rates to periods of high demand such as holidays, weekends, or special events.

You can quickly coordinate calendars to avoid bookings that you cannot host. Syncing calendars would avoid cancellations and penalties.

A host can also add House Rules that guests must agree on before booking to establish rules for your space. This would guide guests not to break rules and if they ever did after a book has been made, you can cancel the reservation without a penalty.

While Airbnb listings are free, hosts are charged a service fee of at least 3% for each reservation by Airbnb, this covers the cost for the transaction process. Whereas on top of the reservation fee, a guest service fee of 0% to 20% is also being charged to cover Airbnb’s customer support and other services.

Can you book an Airbnb a year in advance?

Most Airbnb hosts allow travelers to book six months to a year in advance. In the Booking window, they too can control how far they want to accept bookings in advance. There’s the option to block dates 3, 6, or 12 months from the day they choose to book. It is also best to message the host for confirmation.

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