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Christmas Season Brings Sun-Seekers to the Caribbean

Updated: May 30, 2019


If you’ve grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, you probably associate Christmas with chilly days and fluffy snow.

A white Christmas is so ingrained in your psyche that the first time you experience a sunny, warm December it can feel surreal. But what if you’re tired of shoveling snow and bundling up in woolen scarves and you want to spend Christmas Day on the beach? Sometimes, change can be good.

After a couple of decades of cold Christmases, many people are looking for a different way to spend the holidays. One great option is to head to the sun-soaked Caribbean and spend the festive season gently swinging in a hammock on the beach with a cold beer.

If the thought appeals to you, you’re not alone. Christmas travel to the Caribbean has been on the rise in recent years. According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the Caribbean increased by 11% for the Christmas and New Year period in 2017, compared to the previous year’s statistics. Even more, growth is predicted and Christmas 2018 should be even busier!

More Caribbean Travelers Choosing Vacation Rentals


The current trend for Caribbean holiday season travel is to book a vacation rental property rather than a hotel. After all, this makes a lot of sense and offers visitors many advantages.

Apartments, condos or villas provide much more space than hotel rooms and are more convenient for families, couples and groups of friends celebrating Christmas and New Years in the Caribbean. They also have a more private and relaxed atmosphere, and a more welcoming, homey touch.

Plus, they offer the option to self-cater, which provides a lot more convenience and flexibility than eating out in restaurants every night. It’s an ideal option for families or groups of friends who want to cook their own meal on Christmas Day and enjoy time together.

With more vacation rentals, Airbnbs and other options springing up all across the Caribbean, there is so much choice available for those who want to trade pine trees for palm trees. This is great news for property investors, who are pretty much guaranteed a great income from their rentals during the holiday season.

Reasons to Spend Christmas and New Year in the Caribbean

One of the main advantages of spending Christmas in the Caribbean is the gorgeous sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to be working on their tan rather than trudging through knee-deep snow?

But the weather isn’t the only draw that is bringing guests to the Caribbean (although it certainly doesn’t hurt.) Here are some of the major reasons why Caribbean Christmas travel is booming:

Easily Accessible


There are so many affordable and convenient flights to the Caribbean, so it won’t take you long to go from snow and cold to tropical beaches!

Daily direct flights from major cities in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe are available. Often the number of flights to many Caribbean islands will double during the winter season, as this is one of the most popular times of the year to visit. (So, make sure you book your flight in advance!)

Christmas Celebrations Abound

Since almost all of the Caribbean islands have significant Christian populations, you can be sure that there will be holiday celebrations taking place no matter where you travel. There will be parties, large dinners, musical performances, street festivals, markets and more. Plus, the streets will be lit up with twinkling lights and plenty of magical decorations.

For example, in the Dominican Republic, you’ll see groups of singers strolling through the neighborhood belting out traditional Dominican folk songs. In the Bahamas, they celebrate Junkanoo on Boxing Day, a tradition where masked partiers dance and drum their way through the town streets in an enthusiastic parade.

The Food is Delicious

Another reason that so many travelers love coming to the Caribbean during the holiday season is the abundance of delicious food. Attend a Caribbean Christmas feast and you’ll find yourself at a table laden with wonderful treats.


Spit roast suckling pig. Red Sorrel hibiscus tea with black cake that’s been soaked in local rum. Turron nougat with almonds and coconut. Candied sweet potato. Ham with a pineapple glaze. It’s a Christmas feast like you’ve never seen before - and you’ll need to have a nap on a sun lounger on the beach afterward to sleep it off.

Exciting Activities


Imagine spending Christmas Eve windsurfing or scuba diving? Or chartering a yacht so that you can explore a nearby hidden cove? Or gifting your partner a “swim with the dolphins” experience on Christmas morning?

When you stay in the Caribbean during the holiday season, your downtime can be filled with exciting activities including water-sports, horseback riding, tours, cooking classes and so much more. There’s a lot to do here and you’ll make some unforgettable Christmas memories.

Less Hustle and Bustle

The Christmas season can be a little bit overwhelming. Busy streets, crowded shops and the pressure to get all of your shopping and preparations done in time. Many people find it too stressful and decide to keep things simple and escape to the Caribbean instead.


Imagine a Christmas Day where you have a casual barbecue on your villa patio rather than an elaborate meal cooked in the oven. You can take a nap in a hammock, or a long walk on the beach. Everything moves a little bit slower in the Caribbean and there’s no pressure to do anything in particular. For a relaxing Christmas, there’s no better place in the world.

Merry Christmas From Us At Partbnb!


No matter where you are this year, we hope you have a peaceful, relaxing and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!

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