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5 Tips on How to Be Productive When Working from Home

Working from home benefits everyone, not just you but also your entire family or household, and the organization you belong to. Since this Covid 19 Pandemic, employers had switched to remote-work arrangements. This situation pushed employees to work from home, including those who had never experienced this before. The sudden implementation of remote-work arrangements made employees and managers as well to go through new work reality aside from the personal anxieties and worries about this public health crisis, which gives them a feeling of distraction, isolation, stress, and unmotivated.

Despite the uncertainties and challenges of this Covid 19 pandemic, it still gives us opportunities to make our work-life productive and stay mentally healthy while working at home. Here are some tips that will make things possible for you:

1. Designate Your Workspace

Find a room in your house where you can create your workspace. Preferably, a room with a door so you can shut any distractions should also be well-lit and with proper ventilation. Always prepare the equipment you need to avoid having to get up repeatedly to retrieve things you might use, as this will only cut down on your productivity.

Also, make sure to dress up appropriately even when you are in a remote work arrangement so you will get the vibe of working in an office environment.

2. Prepare a Schedule

Set an alarm an hour or so before you get up and dive right into your tasks for the day. Make a to-do list daily. At the end of each workday, take down a task list for the next day, detailing what you need to get done and the time it is expected to be done. Include also any meetings or calls you’re participating in. The goal is to pull up that list as soon as you log on the next morning to help you get off to a good start.

Also set times for checking emails if your work requires you to be on email 24/7, designate times when you’ll check it. If your inbox is continuously up and in view, any new message can be a distraction. It can take you away from the task at hand, disrupt your focus and extend the time it takes to accomplish your to-do’s. Tending to email when done in chunks may be more efficient.

3. Remove the Digital Distractions

Do what you can to eliminate digital distractions as this affects your focus. Remove social media platforms and log out of all your accounts. Disarm alerts and notifications and put your phone in the bedroom when you’re trying to work. You can delve into your social media apps for the evening, once you’ve logged out of work for the day.

4. Multitask whenever You Can

When working from home, you’re going to have other tasks to tend to throughout the day. Find opportunities to multitask where you can like you might have to feed your pet, do the dishes, run a laundry among other things.

You can only work for so long, if you want to be productive, consider taking regular breaks and give your mind (and body) time to recharge. Every hour or so, take your mind off work for a bit, to help yourself recharge, take at least a few minutes to stand, refill your water or pet your dog.

5. Have Fixed Office Hours, if Possible

If your employer will permit you, set specific hours as to when you’ll be available ‒ by phone, email, or online and working. You must keep a work-life balance. Getting your job done is important, but making sure to also have time to wind down, enjoy your loved ones and just relax is critical. Set reasonable boundaries on both a professional front and a personal one.

The Bottom Line


Shifting your home as your work environment is definitely not easy, it comes with various challenges. Nevertheless, you can still have a successful workday by establishing a schedule, setting clear expectations with your loved ones, and eliminating distractions can all help to become productive at all times.

Always keep your attitude in check. Above all, be creative and don't restrain yourself from the circumstances that diminish your peacefulness, happiness, or productivity. Your perspective is your greatest power. Use it to empower you. When you think positively in a downside situation and figure out what you can and what you can't control, you will find it easier to accept whatever is beyond your control.

Always find an opportunity in intricate and uncontrollable situations instead of looking at the difficulty in every opportunity. Take advantage of this restrictive time to do the things you have been wanting to do and have neglected for a while.

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